Sukiyaki Western Django review

Note sure whether you need to go see Quentin Tarantino dressed up as an old man and having a fake accent? Cowboy samurais and slow-motion bullets, cool Japan pop Spaghetti Western music and hot senoritas? Please enjoy Jim Rohner’s review of Sukiyaki Western Django. Jim is a film critic at Zoom-In Online, here’s an excerpt from the review:

Miike fan or not, one thing everyone should be able to agree on is the astounding visual flair on display in Sukiyaki Western Django. First and foremost an homage to spaghetti Westerns, Miike employs rugged exteriors (on location and tongue-in-cheek painted sets), breath-taking cinematography (courtesy of Toyomichi Kurita), and the quick-paced choreography expected of all worthwhile gun fights. His tributes don’t stop at just Westerns though. With the sharp costumes, character mannerisms and idiosyncrasies, and epic duels that defy physics, Miike has agglomerated all the drool-inducing elements from kung-fu films, animes like Cowboy Beebop and video games like Red Dead Revolver into one grandiose spectacle. It’s hard to make a guy deflecting bullets with a samurai sword look cool, but this film pulls it off. Adding some auditory flair, die hard fans of the original Django may notice the original theme rearranged with new Japanese lyrics into a haunting melody reminiscent of Ennio Morricone.CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL REVIEW

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