Once Upon a Time …in Hollywood BluRay retrospective

We recently dug out our copy of the award winning limited edition of Once Upon a Time …in Hollywood to compare the included vinyl tracks with the one on the full album, and on that occasion we had to check where we stand, almost half a year after the initial release. To refresh your memory, Tarantino’s brilliant ode to Hollywood was released in roughly identical form around the globe. All markes saw a regular BluRay, regular DVD more or less regular 4K UHD BluRay edition released. Some came in steelbooks, some in combination. A few markets (USA, Germany, UK, Italy, etc.) also received a limited collector’s edition that included the 4K UHD BluRay, the regular BluRay, a Vinyl single, a poster and a MAD magazine in a sweet package (see below). We have a nifty overview you can check out to find the edition in your country.

We did a few spot checks because we wanted to know if a late-to-the-game collector would still be able to pick this up without the need for robbing a bank. It seems that it has sold out quicker in some markets than in others (but our spot check was limited to Amazon, and in some markets this edition was an exclusive to other stores, such as HMV in the UK).

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood BluRay

So the regular BluRays seem to be very much available for the most part, the same goes for a lot of the other no-frills editions. Even most of the steelbooks are still available (check out overview). When it comes to the above limited collector’s edition, the one we recommend for fans, the picture looks interesting (again, this is not representative, but merely a snapshot from spot checks on Amazon):

  • USA: With a list price of over 260 bucks (new) on Amazon.com, it seems like demand has outstripped supply and this might be getting out of print
  • UK: at HMV it can still be found for roughly 50 pounds (online). However, you can also get a fair priced Dutch import for about 60 pounds on Amazon UK, and you can also find. The Nordic and other editions while listed are not available for order there, but the US edition seems to be.
  • Germany: Possibly an effect of still low spread of 4K players, it is still regularly available on Amazon.de at just marginally above the original price point and at just under 80 EUR.
  • Canada: at Amazon.ca for about 150 CAD
  • Italy: on Amazon.it the price is about to crack the 100 EUR mark
  • France: it was exclusive to FNAC (our partner program doesn’t quite work anymore, sorry) where it is no longer regularly available (you might find it from third party sellers or in a store if you are lucky).

What edition do you own? Let us know in the comments.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood BluRay

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