New Django Images Quotes and Jamie Foxx still

The folks over at the official Django Unchained Facebook page are off the chain and have drummed up a number of images with Django Unchained quotes. If you want to use something with the magic writing from Quentin Tarantino‘s pen, here’s your chance to use these graphics for your Facebook, or any other spot. Do we have your attention? Once you have used one of these images, post a link to where you did below in the comments area, we’re interested in what spot you Django-yfied there.

If you’re super creative, post some you made yourself on our Facebook wall. For all info on Django Unchained check out our Django Unchained page in the Archives, with posters, plot synopsis in many languages, release dates and screenshots.

Also, The Weinstein Company released a new still showing Jamie Foxx in a The Big Gundown like pose. Check it out:

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  1. Mae Garnett says:

    I am happy to see you got your dreams of becoming a movie star and got you such a wonderful role. I remember in high school, after you got that little role on days, which I watched, I heard you tell another one of your friends that after you finished school, you wanted to become a movie star. Thommy , my younger brother,did what he wanted to do also. He went into the navy for 6 yrs. and learned computors, now working for Cities Service. He wanted to go in in high school when the war was going on, but mom said he had to graduate first, then if he was still interested she would sign. Congraduates for your role and keep up the good acting.