Roasted: Quentin Tarantino

The event wasn’t televised, to my dismay, but it’s not like it was top secret. So by now we can tell you a little about the Friar’s Roast, where they put Quentin on the spot and tried to rip him a new one, or at least theoretically. Even though Quentin said he wouldn’t give the roasters any ammunition (check out the MTV article and video here), the packed event in Manhattan turned out to be quite a hoot, according to a number of reports that have come out from that exclusive event. Some of the jokes that have leaked so far are quite funny, too.

Here’s a set of pictures from the red carpet (click here), and THR has a rundown of some of the jokes from the roast (click here), NPR has a few more (funnier) pictures (click here). I like EW’s headline, they write he was roasted by a gang of bad motherfuckers (only they censored that, we don’t), check it out (click here). The probably funniest moment was probably when Uma and Quentin drank from her shoes, there’s even a picture (click here). As for videos, we found a clip from the Post (click here) and one of Cheech Marin (click here). Damn, I wish I could’ve been there. Another bunch of pictures (click here) round off my little rundown of Friar’s Roast reports.

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4 Responses

  1. Rre2TTRYR2dg says:

    damet garm.

  2. Maja says:

    Gosh, not televised? Well if it would have been televised, he probably wouldn’t have done it, so let’s roll the jokes. :-D Wonder if he laughed at the Carradine one..

  3. MAKARIO says:

    Quiero ver como ese programa. Vi el de Flavor Flav, Pam Anderson y William Shatner y fue un jodido mate de risa. El de Tarantino debe ser el mejor!
    TARANTINO ES DE PUTA MADRE /////// I want to see how this program. I watched the Flavor Flav, Pam Anderson and William Shatner and was a fucking laugh mate. The Tarantino must be the best!

  4. Much attention has been redirected to the action pictures of the ’70s thanks to filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. His films harken back to that era quite a bit, with action sequences, camerawork and dialogue paying homage to the classic cult pictures and B-movies of yore.