Win a Tarantino t-shirt!

We’ve planned this for a while now, and to ‘celebrate’ our recent social media changes (see article), we’ve teamed up with Arcane Projects to give away some Tarantino-themed tees. The competition is no longer exclusively on our new Facebook Page, however if you follow clues there, you’ll find a way to win a t-shirt not part of this event. Read below:

Arcane Projects Movie T-shirt designs, are inspired by the most famous fictional Film companies, corporations and settings in movie history. From the vampire ridden town of Santa Carla, to dead pirates in the fog of Antonio Bay, to the infamous biker haunt, The Titty Twister Bar.  Let us take you to the movies…

Up for grabs in this CONTEST, is the choice of ONE Tarantino inspired tee each to FOUR winners, who will be drawn randomly from both the Tarantino Archives official Facebook page as well as the comments below or email submissions. To win you must provide a means for us to contact you, and of course the correct answer to the question (the deadline is June 13): post your favorite Tarantino movie quote (with name of character and movie title)!

We love Tarantino at Arcane Projects and this is just the start of our t-shirt’s paying homage to his movies, there are a few more designs in the pipeline so watch this space…

In this contest you can choose from designs that are inspired by: Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, From Dusk Till Dawn and Death Proof. You can check out their main site for all the color and size info on each shirt.

Arcane Projects T-shirts are made from high quality cotton tees with a superb screen print finish.  With many more movie inspired tee’s and hoodies available from the website, most designs come in a wide range of colors to suit the individual wearer’s taste.  We also have a new range of caps available for pre-order and a brand new range of Zip-Up Hooded Tops.

You should follow Arcane Projects on facebook:

You should check out the website, to see all the other tees as well, at

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Sebastian is the founder and owner of the Tarantino Archives and has been a fan and observer of QT for over two decades now, cherishing his work and the window in the the wider world of cinema his movies have opened up. Inspired as such, he runs the Spaghetti Western Database (SWDb), the Grindhouse Cinema Database (GCDb), Furious Cinema, its German sister Nischenkino and The Robert Rodriguez Archives. He lives in Berlin.

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23 Responses

  1. danahunter says:

    These are exception Tee's. Great idea!

  2. Mikhail says:

    The Jackie Brown one's quite cool as well.

  3. Holly Young says:

    Wow… LOVE IT! My Fave has got to be Stunt Man Mikes

  4. Swashbuccaler says:


  5. Matt Wolfe says:

    This is so freaking awesome! Love the Jackie Brown and Death Proof shirts!

  6. Kit Vane Tempest says:

    Jules: Man, I just been sitting here thinking.
    Vincent: About what?
    Jules: About the miracle we just witnessed.
    Vincent: The miracle you witnessed. I witnessed a freak occurrence.

  7. Theo says:

    “Richie, would you do me a favor and eat my pussy for me… please?”
    Kate, From Dusk Till Dawn

  8. Melinda says:

    The ak47 wins me over.
    Jackie Brown…how Samuel Jackson slays me every time.

  9. Melinda says:

    “You said as long as I don't act like a fuckin' nut, implying that i've been acting like a fuckin' nut.”
    -Richard Gecko
    -From Dusk till Dawn

  10. Great post, really enjoyed this article, many thanks for posting this.

  11. Joe Zolnoski says:


    Ordell: You know you smoke too much of that shit, that shit gonna rob you of your own ambition.

    Melanie: Not if your ambition is to get high and watch TV.

  12. Mr. Pink says:

    [In Japanese] “If you were General, I'd be Emperor. And you'd still get the sake – so shut up and get the sake!”
    [In English] “DO-YOU-UNDERSTAAAAND?”
    -Hattori Hanzo

    [In Japanese] “I'm not bald ok? I shaved my head”
    -Bald sushi server

    *Kill Bill Vol. 1*

    …I crack up every time! :)

  13. Rob Kowal says:

    “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.”

    – Ezekiel 25:17

  14. Rich Bich says:


    The Wolf: Well, let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet.

  15. SexMachine says:

    From Dusk Till Dawn

    I May Be A Bastard But Iam Not A Fucking Bastard

  16. Cullen Fetch says:

    Pulp Fiction

    Captain Koons: The way your dad looked at it, this watch was your birthright. He’d be damned if any slopes gonna put their greasy yellow hands on his boy’s birthright, so he hid it, in the one place he knew he could hide something: his ass. Five long years, he wore this watch up his ass. Then when he died of dysentery, he gave me the watch. I hid this uncomfortable piece of metal up my ass for two years. Then, after seven years, I was sent home to my family. And now, little man, I give the watch to you.

  17. Rideiwththevines says:

    Pulp Fiction:
    Jimmy-Do you see a sign on my garage that says, “dead nigger storage?”

  18. Anonymous says:

    “Sicilians are spawned by niggas.” – Cliff Worley, True Romance

  19. Car_007117 says:

    yes it’s good

  20. Moonshade4 says:

    “If you slap me in a dream you better wake up and apologize.” — Pulp Fiction

  21. CHRISTOS says:


    Who’s motorcycle is this?
    It’s a chopper baby.
    Who’s chopper is this?
    Who’s Zed?
    Zed’s dead baby zed’s dead

  22. Dom says:

    Proverbe français : Dans le cochon tout est bon
    Avec Tarantino tout est bueno !!