SAG Awards and Hellen Mirren for Quentin?

We’re not sure where this rumor came from just now, but it’s all over the net and it sais Quentin wants Hellen Mirren (remember herr in Caligula?) to star in a movie of his. I have zero ideas what that might be (via MC). But on to more factual news. Inglourious Basterds took home two SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) awards last night, one goes to – whoe else – Chris Waltz for outstanding supporting actor (video), and the other to the best ensemble cast! (via RAMA). Click here to watch the cast accept the award and George Clooney make some random dirty jokes about the Golden Girls. In entirely unrelated news, Quentin updated his list of favorites of 2009 (source), if you followed that. But what’s really sick, and I have no clue why one would buy that or who, there will be a line of collectible toy figures of the Basterds and they’re starting out with Aldo Raine (click here). These things look expensive :) And because it’s videoclip day, head over to the LA Times for the director’s roundtable where Quentin and his competitors for the Oscars spill their career defining moments (Click here). But what should really knock you off your socks is when Mr Tarantino was on Conan O’Brien last night (by the way what’s all this I’m with Coco on Facebook, I’m totally out of the loop it seems), and where he proposed a hilarious revenge story to him and then they go on strangling. Hilarious. Watch it right here.

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  1. Harriet Cotter says:

    Her name is Helen, not Hellen