Closer to Oscars, Basterds collects

As we’re deep into the Oscars season, speculation heats about about Inglourious Basterds‘ chances of taking home one or more of the shiny little golden oscar statues. The Academy has increased the number of nominees from 5 to 10, which makes things a little more complicated, and absent a blockbuster that would unanimously be considered “the thing” (think a movie along the lines of Forrest Gump, which snatched it from Pulp Fiction in ’95, a well made family movie, drama and epic, something oscar jurors don’t have to think twice about), the race will be mightly close.

What seems to be a no-brainer is that Christoph Waltz will probably add an Oscar to his already impressive array of best supporting actor awards, also Germain of the Chronicle seems to think so, even though he doesn’t award Basterds a big shot at the main trophy. Just this weekend, Basterds picked up some more nominations (10!!)  at the Critics Choise Awards (read here).

Oh and head over to MTV’s article here about Tarantino’s reaction to Basterds success and why there won’t be anything like an extended cut on DVD. Speaking of DVD, make sure you order your Basterds DVD/BluRay in time for christmas (click here for our last article on that).

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