Weekend Tarantino news round-up

No end in sight, my friends, Basterds is going wild in Japan. Check out this article, Tarantino returns to grind up Nazis in the Japan Times and a 3-star  review in the same paper. What’s even more interesting, is Quentin’s role in a Japanese commercial for the SoftBank cellular company (Examiner). Quentin plays Uncle Tara-Chan in what is actually a commercial-series called the “White Family”. Preview clips have already surfaced on the net and can be seen for example in this article at the Hollywood Reporter. Our least-favorite newspaper The Guardian of course had to negatively rant on about this.

Some more random stuff you need to check out: By the way, how cool is this “Say TWEET again!” tee shirt? And how cool is it that Tarantino will be present at the Academy’s Governors Awards where among other things an honorary Oscar will go to Roger Corman? And how cool is this story about Chris Waltz and Sally Menke? Sally being of course Quentin’s long-time editor, who got an award for her work recently (click here to read a great interview with her!). The beautiful and smart Melanie Laurent answers some questions in a nice interview you can read here. Inglourious Basterds, papers report, might not even get released in one of Tarantino’s favorite places, the Philippines, if an industry dispute there isn’t settled (source). That of course hasn’t stopped the movie from making over 300 million dollars worldwide now, and counting! That’s a bingo! And yes, we’ve heard those stories about a Basterds sequel/prequel, but unlike most outlets, we actually read the quotes and when there’s really nothing new to report, then there just isn’t. Did you know Quentin is a fan of Echo and the Bunnymen (yeah I had no idea that band existed, either), but check it out right here. And there’s a little piece on Tarantino and cars you shouldn’t miss.


Tarantino at the Governor’s awards (source)

Honoring Corman, Quentin Tarantino added, “is a dream come true. Only Roger would make ‘The Raven’ a comedy. Roger was the original maverick,” he said while showing clips of Corman’s films based on Edgar Allan Poe works.

and have you seen the great Inglourious Basterds comic book covers? Click here

And see QT and Brad Pitt at the japanese press conference here on youtube

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2 Responses

  1. BigScreenLivin says:

    thats smashing he digs echo and the bunnymen. i love that band. its one of those bands im suprised didnt make it out of the 80's pretty much.

  2. Roulette says:

    Roger Corman, George (FUCKING “A”) Romero.. boy QT gets to honor only the coolest.