Variety goes Tarantino and Basterds jackets!

I was surprised to see not one, not two, but three Tarantino-related entries at Variety. The first is about classic Tarantino quotes, the second is a tiny one about how lots of projects that are being tagged with Tarantino’s name never get made (or in a different way), if you ask me, not a Variety highlight. The third is about how many have tried to be Tarantino, which is a great companion piece to the link I posted a few days ago where an author talked about how Tarantino destroyed the cult film.

Inglourious Basterds in the meantime, you all know it’s announced on BluRay and DVD, continues to make money and the goodies don’t stop there. In fact, not only will be give away 2 of the original Inglourious Basterds crew jackets (from very soon, their official Facebook page also shows some behind-the-scenes video footage, so check it out, and watch this space for announcements on how you can win two of these jackets. They’re available for pre-order at and ship world-wide. If you like in a Basterdly cold place, you need one of those.

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