Basterds on DVD and BluRay – Tarantino at the Oscars

To make this really quick, Inglourious Basterds will hit BluRay and DVD (as stated a few times already) before christmas (and after christmas in some countries). We have started compiling a list of all BluRay releases and a separate list of all DVD releases. Please note that these lists are still subject to change, as various Amazons correct the cover image and different version they get from the distributors. The movie will mostly be available in three versions, one being a regular disc edition on DVD with only a handful of extras, the other two being the two-disc DVD and two-disc BluRay editions, with all kinds of extras (you can see them in the lists), yet in some countries that simplicity is complicated by regular editions that are available in different packaging, or with postcards and steelbooks, etc. The choice is yours, you basterds!

On a different note, Quentin Tarantino received the Kirk Douglas award (via (via santa barbara independent) this past week in Santa Barbara (the links have pictures and more information), while Basterds opens in the Philippines on Nov 4 (via Manila bulletin) and opened at the top of the box office in South Africa (via). The trades are writing about the start of the Basterds Oscar campaign (via link) and Quentin Tarantino will in fact, according to industry insiders (via link) present one of the honorary Oscars! To round things up, there’s an interview with Lawrence Bender (link). That’s it for now, don’t forget our Basterds Crew Jacket giveaway on the Frontpage.

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2 Responses

  1. Kid V says:

    So I am just curious, could the two disc version of Basterds be compared to the still no word “Kill Bill Whole Bloody Affair box set” or is this just Tarantino's way of saying I'm gonna give you more this time with the special features, sorry for not releasing “The Whole Bloody Affair” and “Grindhouse six dvd box set”?

  2. luis says:

    saw the basterds when it was released here in brazil and i'll see it again tomorrow. i guess this will be the last week of the basterds in my home city.