Thursday Basterds news round-up

Must have been one hell of a premiere, even though personally I think nothing could beat the Berlin premiere. Tuesday night was the Hollywood premiere of Inglourious Basterds, and we were live on location – via twitter – as much as we could. They had a huge red carpet rolled out in front of the  Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. and fans got to see the entire cast, Brangelina included (an article at, and a screen with our tweets on them. Click here for some pictures our west coast correspondent took near the carpet before they all moved to an overflow location. The theatrical release is only a good week away, my friends, and all media outlets are fully Basterdized, be it TV talk shows or magazine covers.

One thing you should check out for sure (not just because of the ladies), is the latest issues of Playboy magazine, which features a full scene from Inglourious Basterds as a comic-book version. Quentin was closely involved in it, and unless you want to stay spoiler free, head over to Playboy’s Basterds website to check it out. The New York post has a nice little piece on Inglorious Bastards (yes read closely these days!), which you can – and should – read here. ET, our least favorite tv program, has a small piece and video with Quentin and Diane Kruger, click here. If you remember, MTV did a competition where fans could ‘basterdize’ Tarantino films, and the results were some really remarkable clips which are all on youtube I think. Now QT and stars will be on MTV Live soon and I’m sure we’ll see some of those clips live in action, click here to read more. If you’re hungry for some pictures from the movie, and if you’re spoiler-hungry, head over to our friends at with loads of movie stills and behind-the-scenes material, but those are a bit spoilerific. Collider has collected all the clips released from the movie so far, click here, you might not wanna watch those unless you really can’t wait another week. If you like Esqiure magazine, you really should pick up their limited edition, which has some really awesome pictures and a long interview/article with Tarantino in it. For those hungry for – good – reviews, head over to Heeb magazine and read their review of the film.

A few days before the movie comes out, Amazon will probably send you an email that sais “your items have been shipped”. Which items? Well I’m sure you’ve pre-ordered the Inglourious Basterds soundtrack (click here to find out more about it, such as the tracklist, links and pictures), and the Inglourious Basterds script (click for more info). If not, you probably should do that. Personally, a Tarantino soundtrack always super-excites me and this one sure is full of tunes that will stick with you. If you want to support this website, use our links to order the goodies. You can find the soundtrack (with buttons to preview the tunes) here at, at, at, and for example. And the script, which comes out as a paperback, you can also get at,,, and – happy shopping! Stay tuned for more Basterd news!

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