Inglourious Basterds premiere in Hollywood unlike anything you’ve seen

After Cannes, Berlin, Stockholm and Melbourne – Hollywood, California. The Basterds are returning from their quick but inglourious world tour to the city of angels for a premiere unlike anything you’ve seen before. Not only because this nominally-Hollywood movie is not really so much a Hollywood movie, but also because this is the first premiere – to my knowledge – that will take place on the web – with you in the front seats. How? Well you should know that this thing called Twitter exists, which is in effect a micro-blogging service that allows anyone with an account there to post whatever he or she can fit within the 140-character limit. It gets interesting when people use so called hash-tags (example: #Basterds) to tag their posts, so that aggregation services (example: can sort of track the “Twittersphere” for current trends. And this is exactly what Twitter’s co-founder and The Weinstein Company have in mind, they want to turn this premiere into a “tweetup”, with screens at the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard showing the current tweets. It will be an online-social event, a marketing gag of course, as you won’t be able to see the movie, but it’ll be closer to going to premiere than standing two blocks away with your cell phone trying to snatch a picture of Brad Pitt.

WATCH THIS SPOT FOR UPDATES : The red carpet event will go down roughly 6pm PT and the party will be some time after 10pm ET (or later). The event will be a twitter-whirlwind, with fans all over the world twittering about the premiere using the #basterds hashtag (or mentioning “Inglourious Basterds”). The live Twitter feed will be on display at the red carpet and at the after-show party.

So the Inglourious Basterds Hollywood premiere is tonight, not too far away from where they unvealed a wax statue of our QT (that was a pun for the ladies) this weekend (watch the clip of Quentin on Jimmy Kimmel here). Read a bit more on the Tweetup RIGHT HERE. You can follow us on Twitter at and you can follow the official Basterds at

UPDATE: We actually have our west coast correspondent on location, so join us on twitter, and you might end up here:
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