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Exciting times, my friends! Inglourious Basterds is only a few weeks away. Monday will actually be the premiere in Stockholm (Sweden), as far as my sources tell me, and July will see a few more European (gala) premieres. So expect lots of pictures, reviews and gossip. We have actually started to compile a little calendar with opening dates and premieres, which we ask you to help us improve. If we have wrong dates listed, or if you know dates we don’t have listed, please email us. Click here to see the calendar. Thanks to TarantinoSpain for letting us know that Basterds (Malditos Bastardos as it’s called in Spanish) will be opening the Zabaltegi-Perlas category at the film festival in San Sebastian, yet this is not sure. My Spanish may be failing me.

As the release draws nearer, don’t miss out on all the cool things social networking has to offer. Most of the official Basterds outlets offer giveaways and opportunities to win flights to LA, London or other places. So follow the official Basterds twitter HERE, join the official US Basterds Facebook page HERE, the official international one HERE, and of course ours (which has relaunched) HERE. Our Twitter you find at the top left  of this news entry. On the international Basterds FB page you’ll also find “missions”, opportunities to win tickets to the premiere in Sweden, for example. Keep an eye out, spread the word.

Update: Here’s an article with quotes by QT and Eli roth on MTV.

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