Extended Inglourious Basterds American Idol footage hits

Oh what a long day, don’t get me started. I was looking forward to watching a downloaded version of the American Idol craziness when something ended up in my inbox. First I thought well isn’t that just the Basterds footage they showed on American Idol, but no. The Playlist, a website you absolutely must bookmark, got this via Film School Rejects, and it is … fasten your seatbelts … an extended version of Inglourious Basterds footage meets behind-the-scenes clips. Oh boy, and that’s Mike Myers narrating, Brad Pitt telling that they “ain’t in the prisoner-takin’ biznez” and lots of explosions, gunfire and insanity. By the way, for QT fans do try to get a hold of the whole American Idol episode somehow, it is interesting. But now check it out here at The Playlist or watch below (click here if doesn’t work):

Update: Here’s an interview with Paul Rust, who plays one of the Basterds, but none that was in the leaked script.

Sebastian H

Sebastian H

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  1. April 16, 2009

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