I Facebooked those Basterds

THE Inglourious Basterds fan page on social networking platform Facebook (a project of The Quentin Tarantino Archives of course) has just hit 1,000 fans (or ‘basterds’).  Why am I posting this? Coz that went pretty fast, didn’t it (for the record, our Hell Ride fan page already has over 1,100 fans!)? I’m also posting this because there are a few other such pages on Facebook – Some of them claim to be “official” (which they’re not) – that we’re currently pulling ahead of, and I want to let you know that there’s only one that’s associated at least with this website, even though Facebook doesn’t show fan pages’ authors.  So if you’re on Facebook (and hey, who isn’t these days), then make sure you become a fan/Basterd by joining our IB page, and while you’re on Facebook, make sure you’re already a member of the official QTA Facebook group. And yes, if this keeps on being a slow news week there will be another exclusive this weekend, maybe. At ease, soldiers.

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Sebastian is the founder and owner of the Tarantino Archives and has been a fan and observer of QT for over two decades now, cherishing his work and the window in the the wider world of cinema his movies have opened up. Inspired as such, he runs the Spaghetti Western Database (SWDb), the Grindhouse Cinema Database (GCDb), Furious Cinema, its German sister Nischenkino and The Robert Rodriguez Archives. He lives in Berlin.

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