Tarantino back to being Tarantino

Here’s some random Basterds stuff to fill a boring post-lunch lull. As you know, I love chit-chatting about random gossip and news items that come through the news services of that quasi-monopolistic search engine company I don’t want to mention right now. Here’s a quote that caught my eye that I thought was very well-written and somehow fitting and funny even though I’m not sure if it’s entirely positive or a bit sceptical. It comes from an undergraduate newspaper, I say good job, they write:

5. “Inglourious Basterds“: Quentin Tarantino is back to being Tarantino. An obscure title, great actors and another playful reinvention of a previously-popular genre of cinema. This time his barmy cast is hunting down Nazis — instead of Bill — with the typical splendor and ridiculousness that has come to embody everything that Tarantino has a say in. Brad Pitt, with a ridiculous moustache, and Mike Myers star, while Samuel L. Jackson provides the narration.

Sebastian H

Sebastian H

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