Pride of the Nation

StolzAs promised, to make up for yesterday’s unavailability of our website, here’s the next exclusive picture from Quentin Tarantino’s highly anticipated next film Inglourious Basterds. As you may know, the movie reverts in part around the premiere of a Nazi propaganda film called Stolz der Nation (Pride of the Nation), which stars Fredrick Zoller, a German sniper, played by Daniel Brühl. This movie within the movie was of directed by Eli Roth, who pulled all sorts of filmmaking tricks on this little movie. Some of the Youtube videos that leaked late last year were from that set. He told the Tarantino Archives that it would be a “totally over the top” propaganda film. The art department pulled a real hat trick and produced a whole series of posters, lobby cards and program invitations for this, many of which can be seen in the movie. To the right (click to enlarge, see the back side and learn more) you see the front of that program invitation, which is a six-page booklet that tells the story of Stolz der Nation (in German!) and shows pictures and lists credits.

Click here for our Exclusive Inglourious Basterds coverage overview page. Next up (probably on Sunday): My set report. Our last entry was the Fräulein Doktor poster, check it out.

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