Our Inglourious Basterds coverage starts with pictures

If you’ve followed our recent coverage, you might already be anxiously waiting for this. As Inglourious Basterds nears its wrapping date (and a huge party, I suspect), we’re proud to present a few EXCLUSIVE pictures from the film.

One of the central characters in the movie is Bridget von Hammersmarck. A Tarantinoesque version of Marlene Dietrich, a femme fatale of sorts, a beautiful celebrity and also… a spy. Bridget is played by Diane Kruger, one of Germany’s movie star exports. In the film, if you look closely (and from previous news links you might’ve seen those) you can spot posters and other clues of films that starred von Hammersmarck. Fräulein Doktor is one of these films, click the poster to view a larger version of the poster and make sure you check out Bridget’s character profile in The Archives and our Inglourious Basterds pages.

Click here for our Exclusive Inglourious Basterds coverage overview page. Next up (probably on Sunday): Part 1 of my set report.

Sebastian H

Sebastian H

Sebastian is the founder and owner of the Tarantino Archives. He lives in Berlin. He also runs the SWDb and GCDb, Furiouscinema.com, robert-rodriguez.info and nischenkino.de

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  1. January 22, 2009

    […] Tarantino Archives should get an award for being on top of things when it comes to any info surrounding Quentin Tarantino’s WWII Drama, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. The report says that the production is near its wrapping date and one of the gifts those awesome folks manage to bring for now is the classic style poster above. The character is Bridget Von Hammersmark, who is a popular film star in Nazi Germany, a femme fatale, and a spy for the Allies. The gorgeous pin-up blond playing her is Diane Kruger (National Treasure). […]

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    […] 01.21 Our Inglourious Basterds coverage starts with pictures […]

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    […] a visit to the set of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. In doing so, he acquired some exclusive imagery from the upcoming film. On the left, the likeness of Diane Kruger appears as Bridget von […]