Weekend round-up

While we’re still drooling over the first two official stills from Inglourious Basterds, let me just fill you in on a few other noteworthy things that one might find in the googleverse. The yellow press is full of Brad Pitt‘s ‘stache, which we are confident will set a new trend and bring that type of facial hair the reputation it deserves. Pitt is also being quoted about Inglourious Basterds, calling it “outrageous, the World War II film to end all World War II films. I don’t know how they do another after this”. Harvey Weinstein, talking to Vulture magazine, is saying “We are in day 50 of shooting, and it’s gonna go right through next Saturday, I think. And then we’ve got three more weeks of January, so yeah, that’s the idea” to the question whether Basterds is still slated for a Cannes release. Our busy mastermind meanwhile will reportedly receive the Honda Film Festival‘s Capri Legend Award for his work. The film festival was formerly titled after the Island of Capri, Italy. The island’s post-christmas festivities will attract Lawrence Bender and tons of other big Hollywood names. That’s it for now, folks. Dive into our message boards to discuss these news with others, and send us scoop if you find some.


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