It’s like Reservoir Dogs… but with Nazis!

empI hope you had some great holidays, make sure you read our christmas message. It features a really cool picture from the set, and an old fella in a white beard, you know who I’m talking about, are you not?
We’re of course not sleeping with our bellies full of christmas dinners, and so we have two goodies for you, active as we are. First up, there’s a clip of the Charlie Rose show, where Brad Pitt pronounces Inglourious Basterds, the movie title, in character. You mustn’t miss that. Our first audio preview at Aldo Raine! Click here and forward to minute 53 if you don’t give a shit about Fincher movies anymore, like me, and enjoy.

Secondly, we’ve got what is probably the first really great print magazine article about Inglourious Basterds. It’s a two page preview slash set visit report by Damon Wise in Empire Magazine. If you’re in the UK I suggest you move your ass to the next newspaper stand and check it out. Its most interesting aspect is when Quentin Tarantino explains what Inglourious Basterds is to him, namely a lot like Pulp Fiction, a lot like True Romance and a lot like Reservoir Dogs. He sais “We have a bar scene that’s like a reduced Reservoir Dogs, but with Nazis and spoken in German”. He laughs and sais “Every 20 minutes it’s like, ‘What the fuck movie is this?'”, so definitely an article you can miss, to get the full Tarantino lecture about what the movie will be like. It’s not on the internet (yet), but their website offers subscription options, and I’m sure you can get it at most places in the UK that sell good magazines.

Sebastian H

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