Bring on the moustache, Brad Pitt

Monday’s random commentary.
While we would never go as far as calling him “Pitt-ler”, as some unfortunate editorial has done, and which we find inappropriate, we do fully support Brad Pitt‘s crusade of bringing back the moustache. Not only are they underappreciated and undeservingly shunned by the mainstream, they are just plainly badass (Magnum, Wyatt Earp, etc). Aldo Raine will go down as a movie character that re-started the moustache as fashionable, and I wholly applaud that. He told Larry King: “It’s political, Larry. It’s political. I’m making a stand for men with moustaches. I don’t think they get treated fairly.” As for Inglourious Basterds, one might say that Raine’s ‘stache (or ‘tache) serves a similar purpose as Jules’ ‘Fro, it’s a part of the character that makes him stand out even more. Raine is not just the hillbillie from Tennessee who’s scalping Nazis, he’s a badass character, one that his superiors have let loose, a true Basterd in his own right, and it all comes down to the facial hair. It’s a statement, and I cannot wait to see a Quentin Tarantino close-up of this on the big screen.

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