Tarantino filming nights with his Basterds in Nauen, Germany

Here’s a little update on the production status of Inglourious Basterds. Currently, the whole crew is in a small town called Nauen, Germany where preparations are on the way for a few night time shoots dealing with key scenes involving the Basterds, Aldo Raine, von Hammersmark and lots of bullets flying. A traditional looking street has been turned into that of an old french town called Nadine, and one of the houses disguised as the “Auberge La Louisiane”, a small inn that is the theater for an awkward shoot-out between Basterds and German soldiers. The production ran into minor trouble when a local event interfered with the schedule. We have no information yet on when production will change locations to Babelsberg studios itself. Source: This German article (thanks to Arne). UPDATE: Here’s a little picture of the set there. UPDATE #2: Lots of pictures HERE.

Sebastian H

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