Schweiger talks Basterds, and more poster mock-ups

A couple weeks ago, we (via the black hole that is the IMDB) leaked a mock poster for (what was then still called) Inglorious Bastards (click here to check it out, it’s the red one with the eagle and the bullet hole on the swastika, which I personally thought was a cool poster idea). Now, a few more concept artwork ideas have leaked onto the net. Heavily photoshopped, very bad looking, but nevertheless interesting, should they be real. Bare in mind that a conceptual artwork or a mock-up is really not more than an idea that the design/marketing team put together quickly to get the okay for. The posters show Brad Pitt as Aldo Raine, Eli Roth as the bear jew with his baseball bat, Melanie Laurent (who apparently got fired and re-hired for the film… the rumors are very conflicting on that) as Shosanna as well as Christopher Waltz and BJ Novak respectively. The most interesting thing is that the theme with the eagle (Reichsadler for those familiar with German history) and the bullet hole is there again. If these here are somehow real, that would lead credibility to the earlier leaked artwork as well. Click this link to check it out. Meanwhile, Til Schweiger had this to say about his role and the film (rough translation): “I’m not playing a Nazi, I’m one of the good guys…. to act alongside Brad Pitt is something special….. and to shoot with Tarantino is amazing. There’s a lot to do and I have to learn a lot” (Source)

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