Sam Jackson a Basterd raconteur?

Our friends at The Playlist report that they’ve gotten word that none other than Samuel L. Jackson might/will do the sparse narration in Inglourious Basterds. Sam Jackson! Maybe he will strike down with furious anger those who attempt to destroy the Basterds? Not only that, but apparently Asian goddess Maggie Cheung – who apparently speaks French fluently, thus squaring her hotness – will play Madame Mimieux! (And I thought I’m gonna have a slow day doing my readings for school!) Madame Mimieux is the character who owns the Paris movie theater in the movie. This would add considerable movie-movie universeness to the film, considering she is Asian, and this is taking place in Nazi-occupied France. Who else thinks that Sam Jackson’s narration will just kick ass, period? Sounds too good to be true? Just you wait… this is only getting better I think. If you’ve followed our coverage so far, this whole project is just going through the roof and then some. You gotta hand it to Q, he doesn’t disappoint there. But who knows how insane things would have sounded like had we had the internet back in 94 when he casted Pulp Fiction.

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