Inglourious Basterds update

While the slower websites out there think this is just starting production, you loyal readers of course know better. Yet now there’s an official press release, and what’s really interesting about it is the title. Inglorious Bastards? Nope. Inglorious Basterds (my favorite)? Nope. Inglourious Basterds (the title on the leaked script)? Apparently. I promise that one of the first ever things I’ll ask Quentin, is why he chose that title. But Q being Q, that title might just be the way it is because it’s the way it is and Q is Q and he’s just brilliant like that, or also because there’s no rule book that sais you can’t invent your own movie title. Se7en anyone? Contactmusic is quoting the film’s British publicist saying it’s just a Tarantino-esque thing and you wouldn’t be reading this now if you weren’t a fan of all things Tarantino-esque. We’re slowly inching towards a complete cast and crew list for the film, you can watch it grow right here. Aussie actors Rod Taylor and a name that’s running through gossip websites now, Cloris Leachman, have joined the project. and Rotten Tomatoes have qutoes from the official press release.

Update: Here’s a translation I made of a nice article in a German newspaper.

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