Tarantino’s Senoritas #2 – Bridget Fonda

Whether you remember her as the obnoxious pot-smoking beach bimbo Melanie taunting Louis Gara so much he shoots her in the belly in Jackie Brown, or as the assassin Nina in Point of No Return, the remake of Luc Besson‘s La Femme Nikita, Bridget Fonda is one of Tarantino’s femme fatales for sure. Bridget Fonda hasn’t been in anything for about 6 years now and I wonder what happened to her, she seemed like a star on the rise, talented, beautiful and a bankable last name. It seems to me her career never really took off, even though she ran around in cut-offs and a bikini top in a Tarantino movie, even showing her bare behind in the pan and scan video version of Jackie Brown. Hollywood is cruel sometimes. The daughter of Peter Fonda, of Easy Rider fame, added some nice trivia to Jackie Brown as well. If you remember, they were watching Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry on TV (that’s her and Robert DeNiro), a great movie classic that starred her dad, as well as Susan George. As always with “Tarantino’s Senoritas” (last time I talked about Mary Elizabeth Winstead) there’s a nice picture of Bridget Fonda if you follow the link:

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