More French talent for Monsieur Tarantino’s Basterds

French actresses Léa Seydoux and Anne-Sophie Franck are joining Tarantino’s casting roster for Inglorious Basterds (or Inglourious Basterds?). Both were reportedly signed up for the project. Quentin Tarantino, who headed to France to oversee the casting, must have been impressed by the two’s current portfolio. Seydoux is starring in La Belle Personne, a french film in theaters at the moment, Franck stars in No Secrets Between us, a French TV series, and starred in the film Mes Copines, alongside Seydoux. No word yet on which roles the two will play, but they join Melanie Laurent, another french star who will reportedly play the main attractin of the film, Shosanna. (Source:; thanks to nublob)


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