The sound of Hell Ride

Hell RideUsually, you’d see the soundtrack CD of a new movie in stores weeks before the movie comes out. That is – unfortunately – not the case with Hell Ride. A deal with Decca Records seems not to have translated into available Amazon pre-orders of any sort yet. But there’s hope. The film is already listed on DVD, and it is now hitting Europe (going directly to DVD in Sweden on August 27 already, followed by Finland and Denmark, for example). Aside from the film’s original score (composed by Daniele Luppi), the only track known from the film so far is one called “Indian Run” by a psychodelic western band called Spindrift (official website), whose music is also featured in an upcoming indie pseudo-spaghetti western called “The Legend of God’s Gun“. You can listen to the track here on Last.Fm. Here’s an article about the band, and that movie, stretching from Morricone to Quentin Tarantino. Recommended reading.


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