Tarantino meets German actors for Inglorious Bastards

You’re shooting a film with lots of Germans in them, so while you’re in Berlin, why not talk to some German actors for these roles? That’s what Quentin did. As reported by the Berlin Morgenpost, a local newspaper, he met – ironically in hotel “Q!” – with Til Schweiger (American audiences know him from Driven and The Replacement Killers) and Daniel Brühl, known for his role in Goodbye Lenin, to talk about Inglorious Bastards. No for-sure casting news have come out of this yet, but as Quentin is preparing for the shoot, which is to begin in October, it seems like he’s circling in on casting his main roles in the script. The paper quotes Tarantino from last year’s festival saying (translation) “some actors surely have a chance in Hollywood, too. I like Til Schweiger. Gedeon Burkhard is a cool actor. And I think, both could work there well. I also like Daniel Bruehl from Goodbye Lenin. If I had a role for a German actor, it would be great to cast it with one of them.”

Trivia: Schweiger starred in the 1997 German comedy Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (with one of the best Rutger Hauer cameos in movie history), a very entertaining and popular film that was never released (not even subtitled) in the USA. It’s widely considered to be the “German Pulp Fiction“, and is the movie that The Bucket List (Freeman/Nicholson) totally ripped off / copied this year.

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