Kinski, Pegg and Krumholtz to join Brad Pitt?

Who thought there was going to be some time to catch a breath after we could confirm Brad Pitt for Inglorious Bastards last night? I did and I was wrong! Today reports hit that Quentin Tarantino is considering another fistful of colorful characters to fill a few more yet unoccupied seats  in the Inglorious Bastards star bus. In talks are Nastassja Kinski (daughter of the legendary German actor Klaus Kinski) as Third Reich movie star Bridget Von Hammersmark, David Krumholtz (of TV’s Numb3rs), and no other than Spaced‘s Simon Pegg, to play the British Lt. Archie Hicox, a role that Quentin reportedly wrote for Tim Roth, who has prior commitments. The latter would also apply to German actor Ulrich Tukur, who met for casting talks in Berlin but cannot commit to a role in the film as he is touring with his own band for the large part of later this year. Lawrence Bender is widely quote as being hell-bent on finishing up casting this month, shooting itself is set to begin October 13. As for Brad Pitt, Variety reveals some business secrets about the deal:

Under the terms of Tarantino’s deal, he receives 20% of first-dollar grosses. That percentage can be reduced if a first-dollar gross star like Pitt joins the cast, though it’s unclear if Tarantino is ceding any of his points to the star.

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