The Man with the Iron Fist a go?

Yesterday, I called it a rumor, today I have to call it a pretty interesting project, that’s how fast things go these days. Thanks to Devin at Chud, who went from rumor control to fact-checking, the whole story about The RZA directing a martial arts movie produced by Eli Roth is in fact not a rumor. Roth is quoted saying “RZA’s script is amazing. He has been studying  directing with Tarantino for years. and he’s really ready to get behind the camera” (read the whole bit here, highly recommended), it does look like we could witness the RZA’s encyclopedic knowledge of chop socky translating into some delicious kung and fu. I’m probably not the only one who’s sensing a “Quentin Tarantino presents….” on the movie’s eventual one-sheet.

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