No worries, mate – Ozploitation for the masses

Those who’ve had the chance of talking to me about the reasons I’m doing all this here would probably be able to tell you that one reason I admire QT’s work, is that he brings movies to people’s attention that would otherwise be unknown to the larger share of even cineasts worldwide. Consider Kill Bill, that sparked a wave of DVD releases of movies that we consider influences, consider the QT Film Fest which serves as a  little Mekka for Austinites who love film, and consider Jackie Brown‘s revival of a blaxploitation star, or Death Proof‘s homage to car chase movies. The list is endless, and if you’ve ever taken the time to browse The Quentin Tarantino Archivesextensive movie references guides, you’ll see what I mean. With Not Quite Hollywood, Quentin lent his help to Australian filmmaker Mark Hartley who delivers – from what I’ve heard so far – a breathtaking documentary on the Ozploitation film genre, the genre of Australian exploitation and drive-in cinema. The Herald Sun writes “Hartley hopes to get the maverick filmmakers some ‘‘begrudging respect” and make people seek out some of the films that have inspired scenes in Tarantino’s Kill Bill and Grindhouse.” Here at we will make sure that even if you’ve never heard the term Ozploitation you’ll be able to raid your local video store. For that purpose, I’ll point to our rocking and rolling sister project The Deuce, where you’ll find an excellent introduction to the genre. I’ll probably bring you a little more info on this documentary and Quentin’s love for Australian cinema another time. Enjoy discovering.


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