Inglorious Bastards script review hits… hard!

Inglorious BastardsJust as I managed to lower my heart rate after the thrill that’s been watching the Hell Ride trailer all afternoon, the Inglorious Bastards script seems to raise heart rates else where on the internets. I had to force myself to only skim the review that New York Magazine’s Vulture blog has up. I could barely do it. While the authors do consider the slight possibility that the typo-infested script (the Kill Bill script I read some years ago had typos as well, big deal…) with the handwritten cover is a fake, they claim that if it is, “it’s such a skillful fake that the author has even mastered Tarantino’s ability to write moments that seem almost like parodies of his own tastes”. The review goes to small detail into the “batshit over-the-top insane” story, without thankfully beeing too spoiler-ridden (but read at your own risk, after all you should know that Tarantino’s written word is like a naked woman on a silver tray, it’s impossible to resist), and is a very original twist on the Dirty Dozen premise. I suggest you check it out right here, and then post your usual drooling in our forum. Read all about Aldo Raine, Shosanna and one hundred nazi scalps. Dismissed, soldiers – at least until I get my hands on it ;-)

Chapter One: Once Upon a Time … Nazi Occupied France

Chapter Two: Inglorious Basterds

Chapter Three: German Night in Paris

Chapter Four: Operation Kino

Chapter Five: Revenge of the Giant Face

Sebastian H

Sebastian H

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