Hell Ride hitting the road

What do Dennis Hopper, David Carradine, and Michael Madsen have in common? They are all three way too old to be in a biker movie. But they are, and that’s a big plus for all the exploitation movie fans out there. Biker film were some of the pivotal entries in motion picture history. They were rebellious, alternative and anti-establishment films that broke the ground and made Hollywood safe for roadmovies and other freedomsy type films.David Carradine Easy Rider, for our readers too young to remember or too TV-addicted to read about (for example in Peter Biskind‘s excellent book), single handedly changed the film industry overnight. Other films, such as The Wild Angels are still considered some of the most important films ever made during that era. “People wanna be free, to do what they wanna do” is what Peter Fonda‘s character proclaimed. Larry Bishop, known to many people only as the guy who played the strip club owner Larry Gomez in Kill Bill: Volume 2, made a couple biker films back in the all-or-nothing days. At Sundance Film Festival, he premiered his latest hommage to those badass days. Hell Ride will open in theaters across the United States on August 8 this summer, and for all those movie lovin’ geeks out there who know what they’re going to get themselves into, it will probably be a hot summer. For all the good reviews and the bad reviews this movie has received so far, it has remained remarkably low key. Not anymore we say, and please let me bring this film out of the shadows now. They have launched an official website with some text and music, the official Hell Ride trailer is not yet available, but the signs point towards a big “sooner than you think, amigo”. I don’t want to spoil the moment, so I let you head over to our own Hell Ride page, which I we have updated with a shitload of pictures from the film, some information and links, and if you look close you’ll find that link to the official website. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the gorgeous Leonor Varela in some tight biker outfit, and the other old legends kick up some dust on their Harleys. I’ve also set up a Facebook fan page for the film, so if you’re a facebook junkie like me, become a fan of the film right there (also join our official facebook group once you’re at it) to show your support. Thanks for reading the longest post in a while.

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