Navajo Joe gets a DVD release

Navajo Joe DVDStudents of our Kill Bill movie references guide (which will be getting an overhaul pretty soon, we promise!) will know, that one of the pivotal influences on Tarantino’s filmmaking are Spaghetti Westerns. One of them, or should I say one of the most famous, is getting a DVD release in the United States next week. Navajo Joe starring Burt Reynolds, directed by “the other Sergio” Sergio Corbucci. This is not only exciting for all the spaghetti western afficionados among us, it is also finally very easy to check out where two of the more exciting tunes from Kill Bill (Silhouette of Doom and The Demise of Barbara, Return of Joe), composed by the legendary maestro Ennio Morricone, come from. There are a few other things that both movies have in common, too. Whether you’re one of the filmgeeks who are already unable to sleep because of this, or whether I made you curious now, head over to our sister website The Spaghetti Western Database now and check it out, the DVD is in stores May 13th. (it will also be released later this year in Germany and maybe even in the UK)

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