Kill Bill and Death Proof DVDs this September

The wait is over. Pre-order listings at various DVD stores and word of mouth seem to indicate, that SEPTEMBER 18th is in fact the date Kill Bill is finally arriving on DVD, but with a vengeance. After years of having to be satisfied with the flimsy bare bones editions (which I personally finally bought because I got sick of TNT showing the film so censored, those fuckers!), what seems to be released will be, and here are the facts as I know them:

– a 4 DVD set (the movie will need 2 DVDs, the extras probably the other 2 I assume)

– rated NC-17 (which means it will be the Whole Bloody Affair, so you can trash your Japanese imports or sell them)

Also, on the same day, DEATH PROOF (presumably in it’s longer Cannes version) will be released on DVD, at 2-DVD set is rumored to be the format. We’ll keep you posted, and have fun spending a sleepless night.

Please support by pre-ordering those DVDs through our Amazon links here. We will keep you posted once we know more about these releases. >>> Kill Bill DC , Death Proof (or here ).

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