Grind House exclusive part 7: The Kurt Russel interview

Better late than never, and as promised, our Grindhouse coverage continues. After you’ve enjoyed our previous interviews, it is now time to turn to Stuntman Mike (what, you don’t know who that is? apparently you haven’t seen the movie yet and you’re one of those responsible! Go SEE THE MOVIE!). Please enjoy our interview with Kurt Russel over at the wiki (which offers a growing Grindhouse movie references guide and much more, by the way).

You get to see both, I mean you get a long full night of what it was, that’s the way it used to be to go to the movies, I mean, so much so, that, when we went to the movies, every weekend when we always watched it like that, it was always double bill. And then, they started disappearing. And pretty soon, it was just one movie. And we as kids, you know, what 22, 23, 24, 25, we began to feel kind of, a little ripped off. Like suddenly there’s not 14, 15 songs in the album anymore, but there’s seven. And, wait a minute, these seven songs better be good. That’s how we felt about the movies, it was like I hope this one movie is really good because it’s costing me what normally it had cost me to see two movies. You know what I mean? We were that much used to going to see those movies when they played two of them at a time.



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