Author: Sebastian

Tarantino XX

Germany: Tarantino BluRay shopping guide

Der Quentin Tarantino Archives BluRay Einkaufsführer  (This article is in German) Alles wird neu aufgelegt, und im Jungel von Neuauflagen, Steelbooks, Special Editions und Mediamarkt Wühlware kennt sich eh keiner mehr aus. Man steht...

Django Unchained

New trailer for Django Unchained

Sony Pictures, sneaky as they are, just released a new Django Unchained trailer via their South-American outlets, that includes a few new shots and moments, some extended shots mostly. To our eyes, the colors...

Django Unchained trailer screenshot

New Django Unchained video clip

If you want to catch a few new shots and extended angles from Quentin Tarantino‘s extremely anticipated Django Unchained, Yahoo Movies has a new 60 second spot that to help you out with that....