Django Unchained BluRay and DVD out worldwide

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2 Responses

  1. Nosgoth1979 says:

    I’ve been kind of waiting to see Django Unchained. Although I would consider myself a Tarantino fan, I’ve heard mixed reviews and I’ve never enjoyed westerns. But after reading this review I think I’ll put it in my Blockbuster @Home queue and at least rent it. As an employee of DISH, one of my favorite things is testing the various services and products we come out with. And out of all of those Blockbuster @Home is one of my favorites because my old habit was to buy most of my movies before I saw them, but that habit left me with a bunch of discs I’ll never use again and did a lot of damage to my bank account. That’s not really a concern now; renting my movies through Blockbuster @Home from DISH, with its flat-monthly rate instead of buying them at $20-$30 a piece has saved me a lot of money.

  2. Evgeniy Nefyodov says:

    Smart, exciting, fascinating movie, especially the climax! Best gift for all fans of the Spaghetti Westerns! As always, the film has justified the best expectations.

    What’s next? Kung Fu movie? Musical? Disaster movie? Maybe mystical horror film?

    We can not wait!

    Good luck, Quentin!

    Evgeny Nefedov,
    Russian film critic (