Django Unchained nominated for 5 Oscars

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  • Carl Johnson

    i dont know why quentin was not nominated for director

  • Tony Hess

    Quentin Tarantino; Best Director No Doubt

    Leonardo DiCaprio ; Best Actor for his portrayal of Calvin Candie a cross between Caligula and Simon Legree

  • Eduardo Sanchez Barrios

    Fucking AMPAS! I don’t now why Quentin was not nominate for best diretoc

  • Cubano

    Hey Tarantula – about the “Django” – too much “niggers” and too much light when it shouldn’t be – especially at the beginning in the forest scenes – that was ridiculous. And Samuel L. Jackson – the worst acting of his career.

  • Thornton

    You = stupid

  • moHSen

    thanks tarantino!

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