Jamie Foxx is Django Unchained

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18 Responses

  1. Brian McInnis says:

    You IDIOT! It’s Calvin CANDIE!

  2. joe d'amato says:

    … it’s exceptional casting.  have read the script and django unchained could be tarantino’s greatest movie yet …

  3. AS says:

    I’m really glad the whole Will Smith thing didn’t work out in the end, much like the whole Adam Sandler thing didn’t work out for Basterds. The movie gods always smile on Quentin in the end and save him from making some poor casting decisions. 

  4. qtwisdom says:

    I read the script. It is amazing! I cannot wait and I am so excited Django is going to be Jamie Foxx and not Will Smith! wooohooo I cannot wait for this masterpiece!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please confirm or deny Denise Milfort is playing Broomhilda?  Credible sources only please.

  6. Why bother calling it Django if he’s changing everything about it?

  7. Goldbik1 says:

    I was excited about the first buzz on “SOMEONE” taking the time to do a “spaghetti western”. Tarantino being a big fan of the genre ( myself included, big fan) seemed logical. Now reading about the story line, the location, and the person playing Django, I did a about face. What happened to Franco Nero?? This does NOT sound like a “spaghetti western” in the traditional sense that made them great to begin with. This sounds like crap! It would seem to me, better thought, better location, and a better storyline would make things more in perspective to the style. As of now…..I can’t get into this junk.

    • Sebastian says:

      nobody ever claimed this would be an old fashioned spaghetti western. and franco nero has always been a rumor born out of a mix up as he is working on an other project…

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