Rumor debunked! Quentin Tarantino to remake The Shadow?

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12 Responses

  1. I prefer my Tarantino with original scripts only, not adaptations.

  2. max says:

    Well, The Shadow is actually based on an old radio serial as well as stories from pulp magazines.
    Also, Tarantino has already denied claims that he is in discussions to bring this reboot to the screen.
    And, I don't care what anyone says… the Alec Baldwin film (directed by uber-hack, Russel Mulcahey) was absolute SHIT!

  3. Sickboy_xl says:

    The 14 year old me loved the 1994 Film. Great “serial” atmosphere. Script was meh, but so is 99% of the shit today. Dick Tracy came out about the same time. Campy and cheesy. That was the point.

  4. scumdogmillionaire says:

    I think QT would be a great fit to bring the Shadow to the screen. The main problem with the 1994 version was adapting the Superpowered radio version of the character, and not the mysteriouso verison from the pulps who had no superpowers, didn’t mind putting a few bullets in the bad guys if they got in the way, or even got a look at him for that matter.
    The shallow 1994 version was a soft version of the character made to appeal to fans of the Batman films which were appearing at the time.

  5. 513023 says:

    Here in Venice (IT) Tarantino declared that he wanna make a movie with lino banfi and barbara bouchet, 70’s-B-erotic-italian-comedy stars..

  6. Madzia Sz says:

    I love you Tarantino :* joke xd

  7. Madzia Sz says:

    I mean Don’t love you buy your style xD

  8. Grushkov says:

    I have seen The Shadow with Alex Baldwen. It was even one of the first movies with fantasy in it. I would be great that Quentin will be makin a new project around this movie.

  9. Yeah I’ve seen the Alec Baldwin movie if you haven’t I would suggest that you do because it was pretty damn good with John Lone, Jonathan Winters, Tim Curry, and Penelope Ann Miller

  10. Breezer says:

    Oh no, come on’ – Nobody needs a remake by Tarantino. He’s just too good for this.

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