Golden Oscar Basterds and all sorts of Tarantinoation

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  • Avi

    As great as it would be, I don't think Basterds will take all eight. It will take Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Screenplay.

  • Freddie

    The Eminem-thing made my day. :D

  • Kid V.

    I honestly think, even though I am a big Tarantino fan, that if Tarantino ever wins anything from the Academy awards it'll be The Life Time Achievement award. I only say this because in this fucked up, but lovable country called America, Americans and the Academy awards love their ridiculously financed special effect block busters. Tarantino is about old school effects and unfortunately Hollywood is more about the business end instead of the asthetic end, it's what film can rake us in more money. I do think Cristoph Waltz will receive the best supporting actor award though.

  • [Biohazard]

    Where's Harvey Weinstein? – No pics of him.

  • DsmithTx

    CanNOT believe Brad Pitt didn't get nominated!!!!

  • Harry

    Uhhhh, they've already made a 3D porno. I'm surprised Tarantino hadn't seen it…

  • david

    pete walker directed a couple 3D sexploitation films in the 70s as well.
    and a 3D porn was made in france called “Boarding school of young sluts” (1982)

  • Tarantino Films

    Apparently a bit of an outsider for the two big awards, but getting nominated for both is a step in the right direction.

  • TheStiffmeister

    where's Brad Pitt? i hate the Oscars..stupid americans